Strategy Consulting・Overseas Expansion & Operations

Strategic advisory services to clients on business transformation journeys across various functions including management, global business expansion, mid-and long-term growth strategy, new-business development along with lawyers and tax accountants across different regions.

M&A, Due Diligence Support

Support M&A and Investments transactions. Perform due diligence in business, legal, financial and tax perspectives with careful scrutiny process. (forming a team of experts in each field)


Investment for early-stage start-ups and SMEs; helping them with resources to scale and grow their business including management advisory and capital market solutions in Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and USA.

Advisory・Family Office Support

Provide assets & portfolio advisory for family offices as well as access to exclusive real estate opportunities. The direct connections with owners and having licenses in both Japan and USA expedite the process of real estate purchase/sales opportunities. In addition, the investment opportunities for businesses in Japan, USA and Asia widen assets management choices.

KYC/AML Implementation Support

Having access to more than 20 vendors in 10 countries worldwide, provide assistance to follow and comply with the regulatory requirements of KYC/AML across jurisdictions. Partnership with lawyers specialized in compliance and regulations reinforces and retain the knowledge most up to date.

Platform Providers

Provide platforms for creating business matching with a strong development team to customize as a real estate license holder for both Japan and USA as well as employment agency license in Japan.