Strategy Consulting

Strategic advisory services to clients on business transformation journeys across various functions including global business expansion, mid-and long-term growth strategy, new-business building, M&A, restructuring, marketing.


Investment for early-stage start-ups and SMEs; supporting them with finance, strategy and resouces to scale and grow their business including management advisory and marketing solutions.

・Direct equity Investment
・Alternative financing
・Fund (LLP/LLC/LPS/LP) arrangement
・Structure arrangement
・Investment advisory (depending on each jurisdiction law and under no regulation)
・Liquidation arragement


Secondary market liquidity for assets and portfolio advisory including OTC platform, trading opportunities, market making, PE funds/hedge funds/structured funds access, real estate purchase/sales and other assets management.

・Liquidity improvement or growth supports
・Portfolio advisory (without lincensed)
・OTC platform access and advice
・Trading platform access and advice
・Market making
・PE funds/hedge funds/structured funds access
・Real estates/lands deal arrangement


Assistance to follow and comply with the regulatory requirements of KYC/AML across jurisdictions.

Platform Providers

Provides various business matching platforms covering translation expertise etc to execute efficiently and accelerate their business with the strong professional network.

・Overseas Expansion


Provides support and consultation for IT, user/account management, KYC/AML integration and basic IT infrastructure set-ups. We support cross-border company setup and offshore development both from business side and technical side.

・Fintech business consulting
・Operation tools such as explorer and admin dashboard for management
・KYC/AML integration
・Infrastructure set-up