Announcement regarding Strategic Business Alliance between Aloha Cattle Company, Inc. and DIWal Limited

Ala & DIWal Ventures Pte. Ltd.(Principal office at Singapore, CEO: Tsubasa Murakami)(“A&D Ventures”) a group company of DIWal Limited(Principal office at Hong Kong, CEO: Tsubasa Murakami) (“DIWal”) are pleased to announce that A&D Ventures concluded the agreement with Aloha Cattle Company, Inc.(Principal office at Hawaii, U.S.A., CEO: Masaharu Inami)(“ACC”) to form strategic business alliance on March 14, 2019.


Background of the Alliance

Cattle have been widely used as raw materials for pharmaceuticals and reagents for a long time (*1) , however, the outbreak of mad cow disease triggered the restriction on production and created a tricky environment for cow originated raw materials. Pharmaceutical manufacturers have been eagerly looking for safe and secured production area for avoiding risks relating to such shortage. Hawaii is a rare area in cattle breeding in the world where no bovine-derived infectious diseases including mad cow disease have ever occurred before. ACC focused on such privileged environment, started its experimental trial project on 2011.
To accelerate the project and to attempt to realize the project below, A&D Ventures and ACC concluded the agreement to form the Strategic Business Alliance.

  • Equalize quality of beef by manage fatting process, produce and export traceable, qualified and differentiated high-end BDRMS and FBS.
  • Produce and export “Aloha Beef ™” by construct and operate the first extensive slaughterhouse and meat processing facility.
  • Generate local employment opportunities in Hawaii

(*1) Sited from Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in Japan “Production of bovine-derived raw materials for pharmaceuticals and medical devices”


Outline of support provided by A&D Ventures

  • Provide support for ACC’s medium- and long-term project including financing
  • Support for livestock technology and agricultural technology
  • Support for developing and executing marketing & sales strategies
  • Support for establishment of management system and compliance management system
  • Manage and supervise relationship between ACC and relevant authorities and stakeholders



A&D Ventures and ACC will produce and will export BDRMS and FBS and safe and low-fat beef utilizing the cattle raised only with pasture on the fertile land in Hawaii. In addition to traditional livestock beef products, we aim for a business model that enables stable management by producing high-profitable BDRMS and FBS.


Profile of Aloha Cattle Company, Inc.

Address: Waikoloa Highlands Center, 68-1845 Waikoloa Road, Unit 112, Waikoloa, HAWAII
CEO: Masaharu Inami
Main business: Production of bovine-derived raw materials for pharmaceuticals and reagents (BDRMS) and fetal bovine serum (FBS), production of beef


Profile of Ala & DIWal Ventures Pte. Ltd.

Address: 531A Upper Cross Street #04-95 Hong Lim Complex, Singapore
CEO: Tsubasa Murakami
Main business: Management Consulting, Business Investments


Profile of DIWal Limited

Address: 15F West Exchange Tower, 322 Des Voeux Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
CEO: Tsubasa Murakami
Main Business: Management consulting, supporting oversea expansion


Media Contact

Toshiya Hosojima
DIWal Limited Tokyo office (GINZA SIX, 6-10-1, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan)